• Cobra

    Bhujangasana (say “boo-jang-GAHS-anna”) is a yoga pose in which the participant mimics a cobra lifting its head and spreading its hood—hence the English translation of “cobra pose.” It is a stimulating and invigorating pose that stretches shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles while also toning

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  • Forward Bend

    In yoga, Uttanasana or forward bending posture helps lengthen the hamstrings while providing a sense of peace. The key to getting all the benefits of the forward bend is in the legs. Here's how it's done. Mechanics of the Forward Bend Begin by standing with your feet side by side. The balls of the

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  • Mountain

    Tadasana, or “mountain pose” is the basic standing posture and beginning point for all standing yoga poses. If you can master the refreshing, rejuvenating mountain pose, you will be optimizing the posture of your whole body, which improves overall health. It strengthens your core: the abs, thighs

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  • Cat Posture

    Often referred to by experts as marjaryasana, the cat is a standard yoga pose used both in introducing yoga beginners to the concept of deep breathing, as well as a means of warming up the core for more advanced yogis. The posture is often used in conjunction with the cow, a pose also aimed at encouraging

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  • Downward Dog

    Mention yoga to anyone who is unfamiliar with the practice, and you're likely, at some point, to elicit a mention of the downward dog posture. This standard move is utilized in nearly every subset, from Hatha to Vinyasa yoga, as well as every level, from beginner to advanced. Its universal nature makes

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  • Bridge

    Bridge A bridge is a structure that connects two points. Bridges stretch over bodies of water, congested highways and through cities to connect people to each other. Without a bridge, different units that are separated by some sort of mass or space will have trouble working in unison. Bridges create

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  • Head to Knee

    Head to knee posture is a particular adaptation of the forward bending posture. In head to knee, you round your spine so that the forehead touches your straightened knees, using the hands as an aid. The Mechanics of Head to Knee Head to knee posture can be done in either a seated or standing position,

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  • Half Shoulderstand

    Balance is a core aspect of physical and mental wellbeing. When your body is well balanced you are less likely to fall and endure an injury. A good work-life balance also promotes mental wellbeing. Learning how to become balanced requires trust in yourself, your body, and your capabilities. As you start

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  • Corpse

    There are many benefits of the corpse pose, also known as “Savasana” in Sanskrit. It is an easy pose for almost anyone to perform. It is often performed at the end of yoga classes or sets of other poses so that your body has time to integrate all of the benefits of the poses just performed. Corpse

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  • Warrior I and Warrior II

    The warrior posture is one of the most foundational poses of any yoga practice. This pose emulates strength—both mentally and physically. As you hold warrior pose, you stand firmly on your mat with your arms outstretched in an upward direction. Your legs are firm, your gaze straight up into the air.

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  • Vinyasa

    Vinyasa yoga is often called “flow” yoga because the poses are synchronized to the breath in such a way that it looks like a flowing dance as you inhale and exhale through the various postures. It is a branch of Hatha yoga related to Ashtanga. Vinyasa focuses on unity between breath and movement

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  • Triangle

    Extended triangle pose (utthita trikonasana) is a quintessential pose for any standing series. To practice extended triangle pose, begin by standing in tadasana. On your next exhalation, step the right foot back so your feet are now approximately four feet apart. Raise the arms parallel to the floor

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  • Sit/Easy Position

    The yoga sit/easy position is an effective and simple seated posture. Also known as Sukhasana, this asana (position) is perhaps the most practiced posture in all of yoga. It is relatively easy to accomplish and allows the practitioner to focus on breathing work (pranayama) or enter into a meditative

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  • Postures

    Yoga asanas, or poses, are the lifeblood of yogic tradition. It is through these poses that you activate various muscles and are able to bring about a meditative state. Some poses, such as the corpse pose and easy position, are designed for yogis of all skill sets -- including beginners. Other asanas,

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